Public art master plans

We go beyond site identification and prioritization. Basic elements such as protocols, committee formations, and maintenance plans are a great foundation, but our plans begin with grassroots community inputs and surveys of resources and partners. We offer plans to activate larger municipal goals and integrate public art elements with upcoming infrastructural changes. Our strongest interests lie with using artful temporary events to build engagement and participation. Train your sights on more than murals and sculptures on pedestals. Build networks between neighborhoods, gather community input, realize dramatic data visualization, and raise watershed awareness, instead.


Facilitate National Art Calls

If you have a project that needs distinction or activation, don’t wait to get an artist involved. Artists can reframe your conversations and goals in ways that radically expand public interest. Intractable problems become unique solutions in the hands of skilled artists. We can draw on our network of local and national artists to find three to five who are exactly the right fit for your needs. If you’d like to search for unknown talent, we can also facilitate a national RFQ. In either situation, we’ll provide you with a competitive range of developed proposals for a low fee. You’ll have tailor-made solutions with concrete plans and beautiful imagery to help raise funds, assess budget levels, and gain stakeholder input.