Woven Lines Sculpture Successfully Integrates Public Art into Infrastructure Construction Process

As the city of Altoona, Iowa, embarks on a series of major infrastructure improvements, they asked Group to help integrate site-specific public art into the construction process.

 The first sculpture being integrated with these city improvements is Woven Lines, an important focal point for the new 1st Avenue roundabout. 1st Avenue is one of Altoona’s main entry points, serving as a city gateway. The 12-foot high, 65-foot diameter sculpture will define and anchor the 1st Avenue Corridor while complimenting the surrounding landscape.  

 Woven Lines is constructed using the universal ribbed guardrail seen on public roadways across America. This simple component flows into the striking form of a massive overhand knot -- a symbol of the town’s continued dedication to community. The sculpture will be equally appealing after dark, with reflective tape and dramatic lighting highlighting the piece’s contours and curves.

 Woven Lines, created by Portland, Maine, artist Aaron Stephan, will mark your arrival and departure from Altoona and should gradually become a defining icon for the community.