Water Works Park Foundation

Extraordinary Egg Hunt Draws Thousands of Visitors to Water Works Park’s Wilder Side 

Although Water Works Park is located on 1,500 acres of fields, waterways, and wooded trails, most park activity is centered in 100 acres near the entrance. To help draw people to the park’s wilder areas, Group Creative Services created the Extraordinary Egg Hunt. Paying homage to the park’s more than 200 species of birds, the hunt consisted of 1,500 hidden glass eggs – each a one-of-a-kind art object handmade by local artist Jesse Bogengrief. 

Several media outlets picked up on the story, the park’s Facebook page saw record activity, and dozens of people posted pictures of themselves with their eggs online. 

“The egg hunt brought several thousand people of all ages from around central Iowa to an area of the park many of them hadn’t been aware of,” said Sam Carrell, director of the Water Works Park Foundation. “Even people who didn’t find eggs were grateful that they’d done it and planned on future family activities to come back and explore. The hunt so far exceeded our expectations that you can count on it being an annual event.”

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