Periscopes Bring New Ways of Seeing and Connecting to 80/35 Music Festival

Group created six large periscopes for Des Moines’ 2019 80/35 Music Festival, which brings 30,000 music lovers to the city each July for two days of live music.

The periscopes were designed and built by Group’s Mat Greiner and Wade Scherr and placed throughout the festival grounds. The goal of the periscope installation was to inspire novel ways of seeing and to subtly connect the festival’s free areas and fenced-in paid areas.

Thousands of festival-goers tried out the periscopes. In particular, many people enjoyed the largest periscope which visually connected people on both sides of the fence, allowing them to dance with each other through the periscope.

The periscopes are now available to rent as an inexpensive, temporary art installation. If you’re interested in a periscope installation for your organization or event, contact us.