Bravo of Greater Des Moines

Every Day Everywhere Art Featured Innovative, Vibrant Experiences to Connect and Inspire

Group Creative Services helped Bravo of Greater Des Moines provide unexpected cultural experiences throughout the metro through three Every Day Everywhere Art temporary public art projects. These projects touched eight communities, engaged 18 partners, paid 62 widely diverse local artists, and earned six million organic views across print, television, and social media platforms.

You can download the impact summary here. (pdf, )

Please visit Bravo of Greater Des Moines’ Cultural Assessment.

The three distinctive Every Day Everywhere Art projects included:

  • Sputnik Returned #2 by artist Brandon Vickerd — A car crushed by a replica of the Sputnik satellite was quietly placed in areas with high foot traffic around the metro, reaching thousands daily over the course of a week.

  • Transit Troubadours — Local performers including theater students, portrait artists, and popular local musicians spontaneously entertained DART bus passengers over five days.

  • No-Tech Water Quality Xylophone by artist Alex Braidwood — A musical graph placed on the Jordan Creek Trail featured pipes of different lengths that produced different sounds when whacked, giving insight into water quality from the adjacent stream. Reaching more than 17,000 people over five months, this piece met a secondary goal of the project – using art to encourage perceptual shifts and connections to important civic matters.

We also helped Bravo incorporate an artist into their launch of the initiatives promoted by their Cultural Assessment.