Street Collective of Greater Des Moines (formerly Des Moines Bicycle Collective)

Bike Trick’n Program Gives Kids Free Bikes That Are Rolling Works of Art

The Street Collective wanted to help kids from disadvantaged neighborhoods own and ride bikes as a fun, safe, creative mode of transportation and recreation. Group Creative Services organized a series of three Bike Trick‘n workshops as part of Moulton Elementary’s Bike Club. Through the workshops, seven girls in grades 3-5 were guided through the process of tricking out their bikes by local artist Rachel Buse and international bike champion Ms. Kittie Weston-Knauer.

Thanks to funding from Bravo of Greater Des Moines, each of the girls was given a new bike that would be theirs to keep at the end of the workshops. They learned how to personalize their bikes and helmets in ways that wouldn’t interfere with functionality. They also learned about the importance of bike safety and were given front and rear lights to install on their bikes. 

After the success of the initial workshops, the Street Collective is continuing the workshops as an ongoing program.